EASTER Action was registered on 21 November 2019, almost exactly – as it turns out – when the first case of COVID19 was detected in China. It was in the middle of the South African coronavirus lockdown when we heard that our tax exempt and 18A status had been approved. So this organization was born smack bang into the middle of a global health, social and economic crisis.

Food donations

We have decided that the first thing EASTER Action needed to do, was respond to the COVID19 crisis, by acting on our first objective, which includes the words ‘…while meeting human needs’. 

With donations from the directors intended for this very purpose, EASTER Action is simply providing food parcels to families who already lived in poverty, and who have absolutely no income at this time.

Free booklet

Responding to the need for good information, EASTER Action is releasing COVID19 Basics, an information booklet that answers some common questions about this disease.

Once you have read the booklet, we would appreciate your feedback.

Info & support

We have also visited a local retirement home, to give our senior citizens important information on why and how to protect themselves and each other against the coronavirus.

We continue to advise and assist as the home tries to adapt to the current crisis, and prepare for the long haul.