Events and Encounters that Energise, touch Emotions, create Enthusiasm, kindling joy, love, hope, and so motivate (the heart – feeling).

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These events aim to arouse biophilia (that inborn appreciation for all life forms), by presenting nature in a loving, personal way, and encouraging friendly, personal encounters with other life forms.

We ask questions such as: How does the web of life hold together? What roles do insects play? How do they ensure our survival? What can we do to help nature?

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Past events
  • Insects, our life support (LeDomaine Estate, February 2020)
  • Pre-2020: Events from before EasterAction was established were carried out under the banner of What Insect Are You.

Climate change

What is climate change? How does it work? What can we as individuals do about it?

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Past events
  • What I can do about climate change (eThekwini Conservancies Forum meeting, November 2020)
  • What is climate change and what can I do? (Durban Faith Conservancy, February 2020)
  • What can I do? (Kloof Conservancy, January 2020)
  • What is climate change? (Kloof Conservancy, December 2019)
  • What is climate change? (Student teachers and lecturers at UKZN Edgewood Campus during National Science week, 3 August 2019)