Name Aim

icon book  eEducation: learning about the Earth, Environment, Ecosystems

icon action2 aAction: immediate and urgent climate and environmental Action 

icon sustainabilitysSustainability: Saving this world for today and tomorrow

icon-head   tTeach: using Training Tools based on solid Theory, Targeted at different audiences, that build knowledge and understanding (the head – knowing)

icon heartbeat  eEnergise: Events and Encounters that touch Emotions, create Enthusiasm and rouse biophilia (that inborn appreciation for all life forms), kindling joy, love, hope, and so motivate (the heart – feeling).

icon hand   rRespond: Reduce our ecological and carbon footprint, Restore, Reforest and Revive degraded ecosystems, Respect all life on earth, Reach out to others (the hands – doing) 

The word EASTER means new life, resurrection, fertility, the rising sun, a new dawn. 

logo button finThe EASTERAction logo is a globe, part animal – represented by a beetle 1 beetle2 (1 in 4 animal species is a beetle), part plant – represented by the sunflower 2 flower (a member of the most diverse plant family), part rising sun3 sun which sustains them both. A figure 5 son of man stands in their midst.

logo3o As the figure is held up under the arms, so we humans are carried by nature: we are a part of it, our survival depends on it. As the figure embraces nature, so we are called to safe-guard and protect it. The figure’s arms are raised in joy and worship, they reach out for help, and reach out to others.

The figure also represents the risen Saviour, the Lord of Life, “through whom and for whom all things were created …and in him all things hold together”. Faith motivates us to participate in the saving work of the Creator, in a divine partnership, and in partnership with all our dear sisters and brothers (with two legs, or more, or less).