EASTER: Education and Action for Sustainability through Tools, Events and Response options.

Education about Earth, the Environment, Ecosystems, etc.

Action: projects that Accelerate Action, responding to the urgency of the times

Sustainability: Solutions that Save this world for today and tomorrow

Tools to Teach and Tell: Training Tools based on solid Theory, Targeted at different audiences, that build knowledge and understanding (the head – knowing)

Events and Encounters that Energize, touch Emotions, create Enthusiasm and rouse biophilia (that inborn appreciation for all life forms), kindling joy, love, hope, and so motivate (the heart – feeling).

Response: Reduce our ecological and carbon footprint, Restore, Reforest and Revive degraded ecosystems, Respect all life on earth, Reach out to others (the hands – doing) 

The word EASTER also means new life, resurrection, fertility, the rising sun, a new dawn. 

logo button finThe EASTERaction logo is a globe, part animal – represented by a beetle 1 beetle2 (1 in 4 animal species is a beetle), part plant – represented by the sunflower 2 flower (a member of the most diverse plant family), part rising sun3 sun which sustains them both. A figure 5 son of man stands in their midst.

logo3o The figure is held up by the plant and the animal, so we humans are carried by nature: we are a part of it, our survival depends on it. As the figure embraces nature, so we are called to safe-guard and protect it. The figure’s arms are raised in joy and praise, they reach out for help, and reach out to others.