We are about to pilot this exciting new educational programme, which aims to spread climate change knowledge and know-how and to stimulate effective citizen climate action.

Ideal for schools, nature clubs, or educational organizations, adding interest and giving ideas for things to do – in the classroom, on campus and at home.

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The booklet shows what we can do in 12 important action areas under headings “Energy-Stuff-Life-Society”, and includes a pin-up checklist. It is a product of the IPCC WG2 Technical Support Unit Durban Office, and can be downloaded for free.

The videos give more background information, about climate change, and about the action areas covered in the booklet. They address questions such as: What is climate change? What causes it? Why should I care? What can I do?

The Activity Guide has ideas and instructions for 50 activities, directly related to the booklet and the videos. They are suitable for different ages and a range of subjects. Some are immediately relevant to different parts of the school curriculum. Some are quick and easy, others more involved, others can become proper school projects.

Watch this space for further updates.